A Peek

I am a twenty-something living in Houston, Texas. I am married to a medical student and we have two furry babies with four legs each. We are remodeling our house by ourselves. This means I’ve had to live with one drawer in my kitchen for the past year or so. I get to play Where’s Waldo with the can opener all the time.

I cook. Alot. Every day. I cook mostly for myself and my husband because I work in a non-food related industry. I love to cook and I love to eat. Thankfully we have excercise equipment at home so I can balance out the cooking/eating/stuffing face with sweating and swearing (because honestly, my feelings on excercising are quite polar to my feelings on food).

I’ve been blogging since 2001, and this is my first real attempt at a blog entirely dedicated to food. I hope for the best.


One response to “A Peek

  1. it IS you. ha. i love it. so glad you’re writing here. [aka domino….]

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