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Eating Alone

I was browsing over at SeriousEats during my lunch
as is my usual Monday-Friday routine
when I started reading a thread on what people eat when they eat alone.

At first I thought it was silly
‘of course I would just eat leftovers’
and then I got to thinking
and in reality
I usually don’t eat leftovers when I eat alone.

My favorite meal for one is chicken and rice.
Not chicken and rice with garlic, spices, and a salad
but a chicken breast roasted with seasoned salt and freshly cracked pepper
with some chicken broth added in during the last half of roasting
then when it’s ready
the chicken gets shredded and unceremoniously dumped over steaming white rice with the broth.

That’s my meal for just me.

I find myself eating cereal a lot too
or just Triscuits and cheese.

This week I’ve had cereal two days in a row.
The first time it was because Hub was on call and I didn’t feel like cooking
and the second time was because I just used up all my energy trying to work out an argument.

I felt that if I cooked anything it might end up with only the hottest spices in the house
topped off with a splash of HATRED and ANGER.

So cornflakes and whole milk it was.
It seemed safer that way.

Last night I did start making watermelon sorbet though
and will finish it tonight.

I can’t promise there won’t be cayenne in it
but it actually might be better that way.

I’ve done some heavy duty cooking this week
and this weekend will be much of the same.

I made macarons for the first time last week
thanks to a recipe from this guy.

They turned out beautifully
and they are slated to be made this weekend again
because Hub and I ate every last one of them the same day they were made.

Playing around with fillings will be the project this time around
I have a few Rose Levy Beranbaum recipes lined up
Nutella in the pantry
and home-made jam in the fridge.

The jam was a gift from a coworker
because, sadly, I have not yet marched into preserving territory.
I do have a book on it
but the fear of inadvertently poisoning myself and Hub has not yet dissipated
so fun and games with with berries, cucumbers, tomatoes, chiles…
(you get the picture)
will have to wait.

Also on the list for this weekend is finding what to do with the rest of the watermelon I have.

Our CSA delivered it to us right before July 4th
and half of it went into the sorbet.

The other half is sitting in my fridge
laughing at me.

It’s been quite meloney at our house lately.

We got cantaloupe in our CSA delivery this week
and I think that is going to go with some cured ham of some sort
since I’ve actually never paired it with that.

My favorite way to eat it is with super cold cottage cheese
(why yes, that has been an alone meal)
but I’m trying to branch out here.

I might as well get through the tried and true combos
that way when I want to get WILD AND CRAZY
I’ll have some sort of foundation on which to build.

That has been my mission lately:
to try out the classics.

I feel like I read about them so much
and see how people play with them
but when I get to thinking about it
I realize how much I haven’t tried
and that’s simply unacceptable.

Lately my weekends have turned into project-cooking-time
and the projects recently have been classic recipes and pairings.

Seeing as that has resulted in things like macarons, stuffed squash blossoms, and progressively better stock
I think I shall continue the trend.


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