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My Favorite Fruit is a Patient Fruit

I made my first ever lemon tart not too long ago and it turned out wonderfully.

The filling was so good that I could overlook the fact that I managed to use granulated sugar instead of powdered sugar in the pate sucree.

Let’s just say the crust was a tad bit crunchy.

The recipe was from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking From My Home to Yours.

It was the first recipe I made out of this book and I chose it because I had never made a lemon tart before.

That and I had a giant bag of lemons left over from making lemon ice cream and chicken piccata (on separate occasions, mind you).

Like most baking projects of mine, it was a two day experience.

The first day I made the lemon curd

The next day I made The Crust.

The Crust is always the hardest part of a pie and one of the few foods that instills fear in me. The Crust is also one of the foods I yell at a lot (cake frosting being another one). Of all foods I make, I think I verbally abuse Crusts the most. Still, I respect The Crust and keep trying to get better at making them.

Baked crust and patient raspberries.

Waiting quietly… and deliciously.

Del Monte helps me unmold The Crust.

Why yes, there are two open cookbooks on my counter.

My favorite thing to do while cooking is to get out five or so cookbooks (in addition to the one I actually need) and open them all up to different sections that have nothing to do with what I’m actually cooking.

Husband will usually start to nose around in the kitchen while I’m cooking, and it’s pretty entertaining to watch his eyebrows furrow as he tries to divine what I am putting together. What could require recipes for candied walnuts, pasta puttanesca, pork loin sous vide, and pickled watermelon rinds?

I get my kicks where I can.

Many sticks of butter later, the lemon curd transformed into a silky filling.

Everyone on board.

It didn’t last long, even with a very crunchy crust.

Looking back at the preparation, I can’t believe I goofed up The Crust for this recipe.

Usually I have my mise en place ready and I check a recipe three of four times. I am not sure how I got off track here.

At least The Crust didn’t go out a window this time or end up as a sad crumbly pile in the garbage-disposal side of the sink.

I got only a sliver of this tart. Husband wolfed down the rest.

Next time I think I will make it in teeny tart pans for easier carrying-off ability. Husband tends to eat all the sweets before I get a chance to take them with lunches later on in the week.

I’m sure my waistline is thanking him for this, no matter what my tastebuds are saying.


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